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You need to see these 3 scary ways insufficient sleep can affect your brain

Everyone knows what it feels like to not get enough sleep.  But under the surface there are quite a few insidious things going on which can have a profound effect on our cognitive ability and our general quality-of-life. Here’s our… Continue Reading →

1 gram of this simple ingredient improves your memory for up to six hours

What if eating just 1 gram of a simple spice with your breakfast, could turbo-charge your working-memory for up to six-hours?   That’s exactly what researchers in Korea have discovered in a recent study involving the common spice Turmeric. Turmeric… Continue Reading →

Is fish really good for your brain?

We’ve all heard it all our lives: “fish is good for your brain“,   “Fish is brain food“,  “Fish makes you smart“.   The folk wisdom goes back at least 2000 years, and probably quite a bit further. But what’s… Continue Reading →

Check out how dehydration affects your brain

You’ll be reaching for a water bottle after you read this. Recent research into the effects of  dehydration, shows that being dehydrated can effect your mood, your ability to concentrate and your ability to think clearly.   Even just a… Continue Reading →